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At Musicart Sarriá the teachers are qualified and selected to cover all the subjects that are offered in our school:

Teachers used to work with children: Being a very important quality for us, since our students are mostly young and we pay maximum attention to the development and evolution of them, we encourage you to bring your children to school because the study of musical language and the practice of instruments, are an entertaining and simple way for them to evolve and develop aspects as important as coordination, correct bad habits, concentration, perseverance ... etc.


Classical teachers: For the study of both musical language and instruments, graduated by the Music Conservatory.


Teachers of modern music: For those who prefer to study contemporary music and its different styles (blues, rock, pop, jazz) we have teachers of guitar, bass, drums, singing, etc.


Combos: When studying a modern instrument, the goal of most students is, one day, forming a group or playing with more friends, in Musicart we perform combos with the students so they practice together always with the supervision and support of the teachers . In this way they can play together the songs they study and enjoy the feeling of being in a real group.


Our goal is to cover all the needs of our students in their studies and offer the best selection of teachers and subjects for their musical development.


Remember that you can request information without any commitment and on the instrument that you like the most.

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